Dev Container Guides

Working with GitLab CI

15 Feb 2023

For simple use cases you can use your development container (dev container) for CI without much issue. Once you begin using more advanced dev container functionality such as Features, you will need dev container tooling in your CI pipeline. While GitHub CI has the devcontainers-ci GitHub Action, there is no such analog in GitLab CI. To achieve the goal of using your dev container in GitLab CI, the container must be pre-built.

Using Images, Dockerfiles, and Docker Compose

16 Dec 2022

When creating a development container, you have a variety of different ways to customize your environment like “Features” or lifecycle scripts. However, if you are familiar with containers, you may want to use a Dockerfile or Docker Compose / Compose to customize your environment. This article will walk through how to use these formats with the Dev Container spec.

Authoring a Dev Container Feature

01 Nov 2022

Development container “Features” are self-contained, shareable units of installation code and development container configuration. We define a pattern for authoring and self-publishing Features.