This list below contains pointers to official and community-contributed Dev Container assets, including Features and Templates. Collections on this list are continuously crawled for liveness, and can be presented in UX of Dev Container-supporting tools (i.e. it will be presented in the GitHub Codespaces and VS Code Dev Containers UX).

To add your own collection to this list, please create a PR editing this yaml file.

Name Maintainer Repository
Reference Implementation Features Dev Container Spec Maintainers
Reference Implementation Templates Dev Container Spec Maintainers
Iterative Tools for Machine Learning Features Iterative, Inc
Features for R Rocker Project
Templates for R Rocker Project
Public Meaningful Features Meaningful
Legacy Community Templates Deprecated (No longer maintained)
Assorted Features Mike Priscella
DevContainers-Contrib Features Daniel Braun
DevContainers-Contrib Templates Daniel Braun
Assorted Features eitsupi
Assorted Features Eric Ho
Assorted Features Ravikanth Chaganti
Amazon Linux 2 Features Ken Collins
Assorted Features Stuart Leeks
Assorted Features guiyomh
Development Container Custom Features Nate Scherer
Features by @joshspicer Josh Spicer
PHP Features Shyim
Fun Features jungaretti
libmsquic feature for HTTP/3 support tlc-sundown
Assorted Features Enrico Secondulfo Development Container Features saml-to
Cloud Native development environment tools rjfmachado
Wiwa's features lukewiwa
Container and Kubernetes Development Features rio
Kusion Features KusionStack
Édouard-lopez' Features edouard-lopez
jlaundry Features jlaundry
Assorted Features mikaello
Devcontainer Features jsburckhardt
Oleksis' Dev Container Features oleksis
Psibase templates James-Mart
Baskoro OSI devcontainer features Eki Baskoro
A collection of useful GitHub CodeSpace features Warren Buckley
Roost Cluster (Harish Agrawal)
lentzi90 devcontainer features Lennart Jern
Nextflow devcontainer features Rob Syme
Wasmtime + WASI Web Assembly features Brendan Burns
shinepukur devcontainer features Shine Pukur
msclock devcontainer features msclock
Fig Dev Container Features grant0417
Mamba Features mamba-org
Astronomer Features fhoda
Devcontainer features by @EliiseS EliiseS
Testing Automation Features & more Matthieu Fronton
csutter's devcontainer templates csutter
Convenient features ChristopherMacGown
Devcontainer features by @Balazs Balazs23
Pwd9000-ML devcontainer templates Marcel Lupo @Pwd9000-ML
mickeahlinder devcontainer features Mikael Ahlinder
jckimble Dev Container / Codespaces Features James C Kimble Jr
IU LaTeX Container Templates Torben Wetter
Python3 with Pyenv and Poetry Israel Rescalvo
ROS Templates Kenji Brameld
Assorted Features r3dpoint
Swift Container Templates Swift Server Workgroup
Android SDK Tools and Apt packages akhildevelops
UNSW cs3231 OS Development Hamish Cox
TRunk CLI Features ( trunk-io
MultiversX Dev Container Templates MultiversX
Swift Dev Container Features Joseph Heck/Adam Fowler
gickis Dev Container Features Andrii Tararaka
Flutter SDK Jarrod Colburn
sonikro Dev Container Features Jonathan Nagayoshi
Features by JasonTheDeveloper JasonTheDeveloper
Templates by John Muchovej John Muchovej
Features by dasiths Dasith Wijes
flexwie devcontainer features Felix Wieland
Rust on Nails Ian Purton
ksh5022 devcontainer features Kevin Harrigan
GMkonan devcontainer features GMkonan
Dapr devcontainer features Dapr maintainers
Azutake Dev Container features Azutake
Features by michidk Michael Lohr
Integrated Circuit Design Environment Templates Curtis Mayberry
A powerful and handy feature that runs remote shell scripts Xiaowei Wang
Salesforce CLI Features Jason Vercellone
Features by joedmck Joe McKinnon
Features by CodeMan99 Cody Taylor
Features by Favalos Fernando Avalos
Community Templates devcontainers-community
Community Features devcontainers-community
Community npm Features devcontainers-community
Rusty Features Lee-Orr
Assorted Features Ivan Stasiuk
Internet Computer Templates VVV Interactive | Internet Base
Features by Nikita Kurpas Nikita Kurpas
Features by joshuanianji Joshua Ji
Features by nullcoder Thanan Traiongthawon
Features by shepherdjerred Jerred Shepherd
Features by jayree jayree
Templates by jayree jayree
Features by bdsoha bdsoha
Python3 with Pyenv and PDM Nafnix
Data science with Python and R VS Code Data Science
Features by tomharvey Tom Harvey
Azure Developer CLI Dev Container Feature Azure Developer CLI Team
Skyramp Dev Container Feature Skyramp, Inc.
Earthly Dev Container Features Earthly Technologies
Runme Container Features Stateful, Inc.
Wpdevenv Templates Wpdevenv
Native Dev Container Features John Chlark Sumatra
Assorted Features Marco Zaccaro
Features by Elan Hasson ElanHasson
Python+MSSQL+Azure SQL Templates Azure Developer CLI Team
Features by Tiwaloluwa Ojo Tiwaloluwa Ojo
Julia Language Features Julia Language Community
Julia Language Templates Julia Language Community
Features by John Rowley John Rowley
AliuQ Templates AliuQ
Nordcom Group Inc.'s Dev Container Features Filiph Siitam Sandström
Features by Maxim Slipenko Maxim Slipenko
Container Structure Tests Ty Schlichenmeyer
Features by raucha raucha