This list below contains pointers to official and community-contributed Dev Container assets, including Features and Templates. Collections on this list are continuously crawled for liveness, and can be presented in UX of Dev Container-supporting tools (i.e. it will be presented in the GitHub Codespaces and VS Code Dev Containers UX).

To add your own collection to this list, please create a PR editing this yaml file.

Name Maintainer Repository
Reference Implementation Features Dev Container Spec Maintainers
Reference Implementation Templates Dev Container Spec Maintainers
Iterative Tools for Machine Learning Features Iterative, Inc
Features for R Rocker Project
Templates for R Rocker Project
Public Meaningful Features Meaningful
Legacy Community Templates Deprecated (No longer maintained)
Assorted Features Mike Priscella
DevContainers-Contrib Features Daniel Braun
Assorted Features eitsupi
Assorted Features Eric Ho
Assorted Features Ravikanth Chaganti
Amazon Linux 2 Features Ken Collins
Assorted Features Stuart Leeks
Assorted Features guiyomh
Development Container Custom Features Nate Scherer
Features by @joshspicer Josh Spicer
pnpm (requires npm) NicoVIII
PHP Features Shyim
Fun Features jungaretti
libmsquic feature for HTTP/3 support tlc-sundown
Assorted Features Enrico Secondulfo Development Container Features saml-to
Cloud Native development environment tools rjfmachado
Wiwa's features lukewiwa
Container and Kubernetes Development Features rio
Kusion Features KusionStack
Édouard-lopez' Features edouard-lopez
jlaundry Features jlaundry
Assorted Features mikaello
Devcontainer Features jsburckhardt